Nauvos own K-Store

Nauvo has, since time immemorial, offered most of what one could wish for from the Åboland archipelago. Unique nature, a lively “archipelago center” in the church village, a bustling guest harbor, and a beautiful grey stone church. However, for many years, something important was missing: its own K-store. To get hold of K-chain’s products and special offers, Pärre and Lisa from Nauvo had previously been forced to sit behind the wheel or take the helm towards the mainland. Shopkeeper Jörgen took action and brought K to Nauvo, thereby putting an end to unnecessary traveling!

As a city dweller, you’ve had to get used to supermarkets and shopping malls, with all the hustle, queues, and large, crowded parking lots. In the archipelago, it’s different. Today, you can forget the crowds and leave the rush behind. Today, you’ll find the same wide range of products as on the mainland with us, seasoned with personal service and side by side with local ‘specialties’ and locally produced delicacies. And not only that, with us, the selection is built in the best possible local store spirit, together with you!
With us, you can stock up for both everyday and special occasions. Step inside – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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