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Selection second to none

K-Market Nagu is the small big local store. We don’t cover too much ground literally, but our selection of goods will surprise you. Our fresh goods are fresh and utterly tempting, which goes not only for vegetables and fruit, but also for meat, fish and bread alike. Our good mate and fisherman Börje sells fresh as well as smoked fish in our premises from October through April. Bread and pastry find their ways onto our shelves from near and far, and the local bread can more often than not be bought while still warm! We do, however, appreciate that not only the selection makes you heart beat faster while shopping. The environment is equally important. Nagu K-market is your spacious, light and cosy Corner Shop in disguise, to put a smile on your face every time you enter.

Local means fresh

We are particularly proud of our selection or fresh goods. We have adapted our selection to meet the demands of even the most demanding of customers, and we offer a grand choice of locally grown and sourced goods.

Expert crew

Our perhaps most important means to make you enjoy your shopping walks on two legs! We are of course talking about our service-minded and expert crew, Merchant Jörgen and his staff of six, growing to over twice that number during high season. We know how important good service is, and we are the walking proof of Archipelagic hospitality at its very best. We really want you to enjoy your visit!

Online Store

We also deliver to those of you who live in more remote areas. Simply order online or through the K-Ruoka app, and we will deliver the groceries to your doorstep. You can find more information about this in our online store section.


We have prepaid mobile and data subscriptions for sale. Additionally, we offer several of the most common rechargeable gift cards.

Gambling services

We are representatives of Veikkaus Oy, pools and lotto.

Liquefied gas

We sell the most common models of liquefied gas. We also offer the option to exchange empty bottles.

Köp&Lyft Service

Köp&Lyft -service

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